GARFIELD - Garfield police have released surveillance video showing what happened in the hours leading up to the death of Malik Williams, 19, who was shot and killed by officers last December.

In the surveillance video, Williams is seen surrendering to Garfield police to answer an assault charge. He enters a processing area, where police go over paperwork with him before he's searched by an officer for weapons and contraband. Nothing is found on him, the video shows.

In the video, Williams appears cooperative until three officers are looking at a computer. The teenager then runs out of the room.

Footage from another camera shows Williams leaping down a stairwell with the officers chasing after him. A third camera captured Williams sprinting through the parking lot.

The police eventually caught up to Williams. Officers say he was cornered inside a nearby garage armed with tools when they opened fire, hitting him several times.

Williams' family says he was shot in the back. The prosecutor has said there was a bullet hole in his back, but says it was an exit wound. A grand jury is now reviewing the shooting.