GARFIELD - A Garfield family is thanking one of the city’s police officers after the officer saved the life of their son.

Garfield Police Officer Francisco Sanchez was called to the Samiel family’s home Saturday after 5-year-old David swallowed a quarter and started choking.

“He immediately grabbed baby David and started to calm him down,” says grandfather David Samiel Sr. “[My grandson] began to relax. [Officer Sanchez] placed him on his leg and he made him throw up and I saw the quarter come out.”

The boy was checked out and determined to be OK. 

On Tuesday, the boy and police officer were reunited. Young David picked out all his favorite items to put into a gift basket for Officer Sanchez. The officer gave young David a badge and coloring book.

This is not the first time Officer Sanchez saved a life. He’s been involved in two other lifesaving moments. He once helped a traveler at JFK airport and also helped someone out of a burning building.