HAMILTON - A garbage truck exploded after catching fire in Hamilton and put a hole in the front of a nearby house.

A total of four houses were damaged in the explosion Tuesday afternoon on Fitzrandolph Avenue.

One of the truck's four natural gas tanks exploded in the fire and shot into the front of a home.

Firefighters pulled the homeowner from the back of her house after the truck exploded.

The explosion shot debris into a second home across the street and tore a hole in the roof.

Two other houses suffered broken windows and melted siding.

Cindy Partyka was collecting her garbage cans when she realized the truck was on fire after seeing the driver backing up to her house.

She grabbed her cellphone and recorded the fire and explosion.

"I was amazed at how it exploded," said Partyka.

Hamilton Police Capt. James Stevens said the truck's two operators reported smoke coming into the truck's cab and they evacuated the vehicle and reported the fire. Neither were injured.

"The tank that exploded was like a missile," said Stevens. “Four homes will be temporarily uninhabitable.”

The fire is under investigation.