CRANFORD - A Union County dog groomer faces animal cruelty charges after a dog in its care was injured and left paralyzed. 

Ozzie was a healthy 6-year-old terrier, according to his owner Dave Schusterman. When Schusterman went to pick Ozzie up after the grooming session at Furever Friends in Cranford, he was told the dog lost his footing in the bath and possibly broke a leg.

When Schusterman took Ozzie to the vet, he was told the dog had a fractured disc and that his two rear legs were paralyzed.  Schusterman felt he had no choice but to have Ozzie euthanized.

"You don't get this type of damage from a dog just slipping in the tub," Schusterman says. "They must have dropped him or something."

Furever Friends was closed Monday. Calls for comment made by News 12 New Jersey were not returned.

The owner of the groomer is due to appear in court in July.