JERSEY CITY - The Jersey City police officer who was shot and killed while responding to a report of an armed robbery was laid to rest today.

Hundreds of police officers from around New Jersey and surrounding states came to St. Aloysius Church to pay their final respects to Melvin Santiago.  

Santiago’s casket was draped with the 9/11 U.S. Honor Flag as he was carried inside the church.

At his wake on Thursday, Santiago was posthumously promoted to the rank of detective.

Detective Santiago, just six months on the job, was responding to a report of a robbery when he was allegedly targeted for being a cop and gunned down.  The gunman was killed by officers returning fire.

The funeral was heavily guarded by armed police officers.  This was due to rumored threats against police by gang members looking for retaliation.

Following the funeral Mass, Santiago was led by his family to Holy Cross Cemetery in North Arlington