PATERSON - A frustrated Paterson resident decided to fill in a pothole on his street that was proving costly to nearby residents.

William Villalona, a resident on East 21st Avenue, says a pothole on the block had already cost him two tires. He was set to take a picture of the hole when he noticed one of his neighbors attempting to fix it with supplies from a hardware store.

“Maybe when [the city] sees it, they’ll realize the situation we live in and they’ll fix it,” said Frami Holguyn.

Holguyn told News 12 that he was tired of waiting for the city to fill the gap. He said it took him 45 minutes and $30 worth of supplies to fill the hole with cement.

Paterson Mayor Jeffery Jones says the city has more potholes than it can count. He blames the harsh winter for busting the budget and public works employees he describes as “derelict in doing their tasks.”

Jones says the city will have to borrow $250,000 to hire contractors to handle the pothole problem. He says the city lacks the manpower and equipment to get the job done.