HILLSBOROUGH - The below-average temperatures Thursday posed a problem for firefighters battling a large warehouse fire in Hillsborough Township.

Temperatures in town reached the low-20s. The low temperatures meant firefighters had to constantly seek shelter and swap out with one another to prevent frostbite.

Strong winds made temperatures feel as if they were in the single digits. There were reports of water in some of the hoses and coming out of the fire engines icing over. However, that has not been confirmed by officials.

Winds in Hillsborough reached up to around 23 mph Thursday. The winds blew the smoke plume from the fire for miles. The winds also fueled the flames, making it difficult to fight.

Smoke from the fire could be seen all the way in Staten Island. People in nearby towns reported that ash and other debris ended up on their property.

The fire broke out at the Veterans Industrial Park along U.S. 206 Thursday afternoon.

The cold weather also affected firefighting efforts in Elizabeth and East Brunswick.