EDISON - More than two decades after a little boy disappeared, friends and neighbors still haunted by questions about his death have commemorated a milestone.

Dawn Matthews is a frequent visitor to St. Joseph's Cemetery in Keyport, where Timothy Wiltsey is buried. She babysat him as a teenager and helped search for him in May of 1991 after his mother reported him missing.

Matthews says the tragedy is still fresh, even more than two decades later. "It hit home, and it was unsolved," she says. "There were no answers about what really happened, and there was a bunch of different stories, and nobody really knew exactly what happened."

Matthews and her son brought balloons and a toy to Timmy's gravesite to mark his birthday. He would have been 29 this past Wednesday, the same day his mother, Michelle Lodzinski, was arrested in Florida and charged with his murder.

Timmy's body was found in a marshy area of Edison in April 1992, 11 months after his disappearance. The skeletal remains police recovered gave no indication as to how he died.

The case dominated headlines for months on end, and many of them were meticulously saved by the principal of St. Mary Elementary School in Metuchen, where Timmy was a student. Ann Snee declined to go on camera, but she shared Timmy's final report card, letters from children hoping he would be found safe, and a video of classmates remembering him in prayer as they graduated from kindergarten without him.

Lodzinski remains in Florida, awaiting extradition to New Jersey to face the charges against her.