NEWARK - The snow and freezing temperatures are taking their toll on streets and highways, producing tire-pounding potholes across the state.

Many drivers took to the News 12 New Jersey Facebook and Twitter pages to share their ordeals with damage after slamming into potholes.

"Route 18 in East Brunswick is really bad," writes Sharief Baksh. "So are various spots on Route 9 between Freehold and the Parkway entrance in the Sayreville area."

Experts say potholes are bad this time of year because the pavement keeps breaking up after extreme temperature changes. 

There are several ways drivers can report potholes across the state:

Click here to report potholes on a state road

Click here to report potholes on the Garden State Parkway or New Jersey Turnpike

If a road isn't listed, it may be under county rather than state jurisdiction. Please report it to the appropriate County Pothole Hotline.