FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP - A mail carrier is accused of behaving badly after his unusual actions were caught on camera.

The man can be seen on surveillance video tossing a package several feet onto a door mat on Wyndham Place. 

Nicholas Romano says that video was taken two days before Christmas. "I was honestly befuddled that he had thrown it that far not knowing what was in the box," he says.

The Wi-Fi antenna wrapped inside was not damaged, but Romano reported the incident to the post office.

"To handle someone's property when you're entrusting them to take care of it for you is very disappointing," Romano says.

But Romano's problems with the U.S. Postal Service don't stop there. He says he went to his local office a few weeks later to put his mail on hold, but when he came to pick it up he says that mail had disappeared. Then, Romano had to ask for an extension of the hold on his mail. When he came to pick that up, again no mail could be found. He says he never received checks, legal documents and magazines that he expected.

A spokesperson with the Postal Service says appropriate action has been taken with its employee for the package throwing, adding that internal procedures for holding mail will be reviewed. 

Romano suspects the mail carrier trashed his mail because he reported him back in December.

A spokesperson for the Postal Service says its consumer affairs department will work with Romano to sort out what happened to his lost mail.