SEASIDE PARK - Dramatic 911 calls released today describe the fast-moving fire that tore through the Seaside Park boardwalk, destroying dozens of businesses.

The calls from witnesses at the scene give insight into the first moments of the fire.

Business owners on the boardwalk were the first to spot the smoke and the recordings capture their frantic attempts to try and put the fire out.

"We can see all the smoke rising from the boardwalk," a caller says. "And everyone's trying to throw water on it."

The fire that started under the boardwalk at Kohr's Ice Cream Shop was quickly spread by strong winds.

Authorities later concluded that wires corroded by salt water and sand during Superstorm Sandy were to blame.

More than 50 oceanfront businesses in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights were destroyed or damaged.

The panic felt by witnesses can be heard in their 911 call. "Oh my God, you guys gotta come quick! It's going from nothing to something. Hurry, guys! Hurry, hurry, hurry! "

Dispatchers told callers that fire crews were on the way, and people were urged to stay as far away as possible from the scene.