FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP - A mother, whose 5-year-old daughter has been dropped off at the wrong bus stop three times this school year, says she is concerned about her safety. 

Melissa Clayton says her daughter Mia, a Franklin Township kindergartener, was dropped off at their apartment building Thursday instead of her after-school care program. Clayton was at work and says luckily neighbors took the child in. The same thing happened in September.

Clayton says the final straw happened Friday, when Mia was put on the wrong bus at Elizabeth Avenue Elementary School. 

"You are leaving your kids with people that are supposed to be responsible for the safety and education of your child," Clayton says. "Who do you rely on when you are at work and they have to go to school?" 

Clayton says she isn't scared to send her daughter to school, but scared that she won't see her at the end of the day. 

This isn't the first problem with Franklin Township school's transportation. In January, 3-year old Adem Mishiloh was left on a bus for an entire school day. That driver, who was with a different bus company, was fired. 

Starting Wednesday, Mia will be attending Hillcrest Elementary, which is closer to home. It's also where her before and after care programs are located, so there is no need for bussing. 

Calls and emails from News 12 New Jersey to Franklin Township School were still not returned. 

A manager with Trans Ed Bussing says it is investigating and can't comment on the report.