FORT LEE - School districts are struggling to make up for a school year decimated by multiple snow days, and in Fort Lee, that may mean students hitting the books on Saturday.

Fort Lee schools have already canceled four school days due to snow, and only two of those days were built into the calendar. Monday, the acting superintendent presented the school board and parents with options to make up those days, and any others that may still be lost to snow.

Superintendent Paul J. Saxton says the district now has three options. The first is to shorten spring break, which puts family vacations at risk. The district could also lengthen the school year, but without central air, many classrooms will be unbearably hot.

The final option is to add half-days on Saturday mornings, which Saxton says may be the best choice.

"We're not imposing on the family," he says. "We're not disrupting whatever family plans they have developed.  And also, we're putting the kids in a school environment that weather-wise is very pleasant."

Ft. Lee students tell News 12 New Jersey they agree.  "I'd rather have the one Saturday half-day over taking a day off our Spring Break," says Albert Alberto.

The superintendent wants to give the board members and the parents time to think about the pros and cons of each option before making a decision. They will vote in two weeks.