FORT LEE - Police called to a Fort Lee gas station early Thursday found a tiny fawn, likely orphaned when a female deer was hit and killed by a car.

Attendants at the Sunoco Station on Bergen Boulevard called to report a deer had been hanging out in the area for the past three days.

Rather than see the baby suffer the same fate along that busy stretch of road, the officers decided there was only one thing to do.

"It was a little skittish," says Chief Keith Bendul. "They had a snare that they could use, but I think they were just able to get it into a box and secure it in a box and contained it and then brought it into headquarters and made sure the deer was safe."

The fawn was badly dehydrated and was treated at Oradell Animal Hospital before being taken to Kelly Simonetti at Antler Ridge Wildlife Sanctuary.

"It probably wouldn't have survived more than another six hours because it was in a very busy traffic area and in a situation where it had not eaten for at least two or three days," Simonetti says.

The deer just one of 10 fawns in the sanctuary's care right now. Simonetti says they will be weaned and then penned in a remote area before being released into the wild.