NEWARK - The FBI has accused four men from the tri-state area of plotting to join ISIS and holding their meetings in New Jersey.

Samuel Rahamin Topaz, from Fort Lee, was arrested along with Munther Omar Saleh, of Queens, New York.

Charging documents for Topaz show two other subjects from New Jersey organizing and pushing for all of them to join ISIS.

In January, Topaz posted to Facebook that the FBI suspected him of terror ties, an early indication of his radical ties.

The documents show that over the next few months, the four of them gathered in Fort Lee at various times and watched ISIS videos in an effort to get Topaz to join the terror group.

The documents say that one co-conspirator from Rutherford traveled out of John F. Kennedy International Airport to the Middle East on May 5. He had cash wired to a Western Union bank in Rutherford before leaving.

A day later, Topaz met Saleh in Fort Lee. Media reports also say that Saleh had surveyed the George Washington Bridge, sparking suspicion from authorities.

They were both arrested this past week.

Another co-conspirator involved with Topaz is listed as being from New Jersey in the charging documents, but no town is specified.