FORT LEE - Fort Lee High School is observing Veterans Day all week long with a display of 6,000 flags on the front lawn.

The North Jersey school placed each flag in honor of a local veteran, and also a police officer, firefighter, or EMT, either living or deceased.

Organizers say they wanted to recognize first responders as well as veterans, because of the town's role as a triage center during the attacks of Sept. 11.

Fort Lee schools asked residents to nominate someone and pay $1 for each flag on the "Field of Heroes."

The district raised $4,000, which students will donate to the Wounded Warriors organization.

"It was such a teaching moment where the youngest generation can actually pay homage to those who preceded them and who allowed them to enjoy the freedoms that exist every day," says Paul Saxton, Superintendent of Fort Lee Schools.

The names of the heroes nominated can be found on the Fort Lee website.