LONG BRANCH - A former school worker in Long Branch claims the former, long-time superintendent in the district sexually assaulted her and kept her as his sex slave for years.

Joseph Ferraina's former secretary, Adele Russo, 50, of West Long Branch, claims Ferraina sexually attacked her repeatedly from 2004 until she abruptly left her job last year when she had a nervous breakdown. She claims he threatened to ruin her life if she ever told anyone. She says she never contacted police because she was scared he would retaliate.

Ferraina told News 12 New Jersey, "I'm not perfect, but I did not do anything in the allegations made." He would not say whether the two had an affair, but did say "I'm not going into hiding over this. It would be much simpler if my wife and daughter were not affected by this."

Ferraina is retiring in June after 38 years with the district. He says his retirement was planned well before the sex slave allegations came to light.