SOUTH ORANGE - Comedian Jim Breuer, known best for his time on “Saturday Night Live” in the 90s, is appearing at the South Orange Performing Arts Center this week.

Breuer's recent work is much different than his time on SNL, focusing more on family and personal experiences. He says it is the comedy he has always wanted to do.

"I made a very conscious decision in 2008," Breuer says. "I really wanted to go into the stand-up world, I was ready to start over cause that's always been my bread and butter. And I also wanted to control my own destiny. If I can control it, I know in due time, people will get who I am. Cause I know what I put out there sells. It relates to people. It's touching. It's moving. It's funny."

Breuer says he'd like to mix music with his stand-up routine.

Breuer's first single comes out Dec. 2, entitled "Santa Ain't Coming to Town," and it's billed as a stern warning from parents to their kids.

SOPAC will host Breuer on Friday, Nov. 8.