ELIZABETH - Muhammad Ali's influence is reverberating among Muslim Americans in New Jersey after his death Friday night.

At Kellogg Park in Elizabeth on Sunday, Muslim Americans from all parts of New Jersey performed the Janazah, an Islamic prayer, for Ali.

Attending the prayer was Murad Muhammad, who was Ali's boxing promoter and who was himself part of some of the most famous matches in the sport's history. He helped set up Ali's fights against Sonny Liston, George Foreman and Joe Frazier.

He says he was taught more about life outside the ring from the former heavyweight champion.

"He was able to draw all people onto him," Muhammad says. "And he treated everybody like a human being."

Ali was known not just for his boxing, but for his altruism and his beliefs, joining the civil rights movement and anti-war activism.

Even when his career was over and dealing with Parkinson's disease, Ali was looked at around this community as a symbol of hope.

Ali's funeral is set for Friday in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.