LAKEWOOD - The shooting death of a Lakewood police officer has re-ignited the death-penalty debate.

Attorney and former Old Bridge police officer Robert Brown was shot while on duty and survived. Brown spoke to News 12 New Jersey about how he supports the death penalty for anyone that kills a police officer or civilian.

Brown says "you murder someone, you take their life and state should be able to take after yours." He also points out that the death penalty would save New Jersey about $1 million from housing, a trial and other costs. The topic of capital punishment for those that take the life of a police officer was News 12 New Jersey's Question of the Day earlier this week. Out of those that responded, 30 percent said the death penalty should be reinstated for cop killers, 10 percent said the death penalty should never be used and 60 percent said the death penalty should be used for those who murder anyone.