UNION - A Golden Gloves boxing champion back in 1944 celebrates a milestone in Union County.

Bob Wenz was born 100 years ago Wednesday in Elizabeth. Wenz has spent most of his life in Union. He still lives with his wife of 78 years, Elva Marie, in the home they built when they were married.

Union Mayor Frank Mazza presented Wenz with a certificate.

When asked about his secret to such a long life, Wenz’s answer may be why he's been married so long as well.
"That's the secret right there, my wife. If it wasn't for her, I'd never make it,” says Wenz.

"I'll ask you what's the secret to being married 78 years? Well, you have to give and take,” says Elva Maria. “Sometimes you take more than what you want, but you take it anyway.”

Wenz won the Golden Gloves Boxing Championship at Laurel Gardens in Newark in 1944 as a 126-pound fighter.

He went on to go 15-0 as a professional boxer.

Wenz was also a caddy, and only stopped carrying the bags 15 years ago at the age of 85.

Wenz says the best baseball player he ever saw was Joe DiMaggio; the best boxer was Sugar Ray Robinson.  

He and his wife have three children, seven grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.