TRENTON - Two of Gov. Chris Christie's former closest aides are trying to convince a judge that lawmakers looking into Bridge-Gate have no right to force them to cooperate with their investigation.

Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Stepien were subpoened for text messages, emails and other forms of communication as part of the investigation into an alleged political payback scandal involving September lane closures near the George Washington Bridge.

Lawyers argued that turning over that information would violate their clients' constitutional rights.      

Bridget Anne Kelly was in court for three hours listening to the Bridge-Gate committee's lawyer explain why the Legislature has the right to those communications.

Bill Stepien did not appear in court Tuesday.

Lawyers argued that complying with the subpoenas means their clients risk self-incrimination. They say the committee is fishing for material they can't prove exists.

Reid Schar, the lawyer for the committee, claims other subpoenas have turned up email correspondence between Kelly, Stepien and other Bridge-Gate players and it's safe to say there's more to come.
The judge has not said when the ruling would be handed down.