NEW BRUNSWICK - The former baby sitter of a 5-year-old boy killed in New Jersey 25 years ago says that she recognized the blanket found with the boy’s remains.

Dawn Matthews was a former neighbor of Michelle Lodzinski and baby sitter of Timothy Wiltsey. Lodzinski is on trial for the murder of her son. 

Matthews told jurors that Wiltsey was often seen carrying the blanket around and she recognized it from the home.

“He used to cuddle with it at night before he went to bed,” she testified.

The defense asked Matthews if she recognized other blue blankets from the Lodzinski home, but she said that she did not.

The baby sitter also testified that that Lodzinski sometimes didn't come home at night when she was watching the little boy.

Matthews is the third witness to identify the blanket as belonging to the boy. Another baby sitter and Lodzinski’s niece also recognized the blanket due to its unique metallic stitching.

Donna Fontana, a forensic anthropologist with the state police, also testified about the bones she analyzed.

"This is a young child and that ball socket has not completely fused with that main portion of the bone,” she testified.

Fontana testified that the bones belonged to a child around Wiltsey’s age.

These are the last witnesses for the prosecution.