PROSPECT PARK - Two brothers from Prospect Park who will be playing Big Ten football in the fall say their mother's health comes before their sport.

Karla Alexander, 55, has had spinal surgery and heart failure in the past six years. She deals with fibromyalgia and also says she needs a new hip.  

Her sons, 18-year-old Quayshon Alexander and his half-brother, 20-year-old Kiy Hester, help her walk around their home on a daily basis.

"Even after signing day, I felt a little bit of regret not staying home sometimes because it kind of sinks in you, like this is real and this is what's going to happen," Alexander says.

Alexander will head to the University of Nebraska in July, a 6 foot 2, 240-pound former star at DePaul Catholic High School. He was part of three state championship teams, winning the first with Kiy, who originally chose to attend the University of Miami.

"I wasn't really comfortable down there," Hester says. "I feel like me coming back home, I was more comfortable and having me get to her, easy access to get to her, and I can help out at the house."

After one semester at Miami, Hester transferred to Rutgers University.

Karla says she has postponed surgeries to make both of her son's games.

"A lot of times they're embarrassed," she says.

Both brothers say they get their strength from their mother.

"I play for her every day," Hester says. "All of this is for her."