KENILWORTH - A teenager in Florida is accused of making a prank call that shut down an entire Union County neighborhood.

In July, SWAT teams swarmed a street in Kenilworth, when a 911 caller threatened to blow up his house and everyone inside.

It turned out it was an Internet hoax called "swatting,” when someone calls in a fake threat and police and SWAT teams subsequently swarm the area.

The State Police Cyber Crimes Unit says "swatters" often leave cyber-clues behind that can lead police to figure out their identities and locations. But Internet security experts say 911 systems can do little to detect fake calls.

Travis Graves, a student at Kean University, was the intended target of the hoax.

"They frisked me really quickly to make sure I had nothing on me. They handcuffed me and put me across the street and then they searched the entire house," says Graves.

He says he met the 16-year-old suspect online while playing X-Box games. He says the boy was angry at him over a $10 payment dispute on PayPal.

Internet users are advised to keep strong passwords and change them often, keep identifying details off social media, and not to keep any personal information in emails or on work computers.