POMPTON LAKES - The borough of Pompton Lakes has announced that homes along the Passaic River will soon be elevated due to the constant flooding in the area.

Pompton Lakes Mayor Kathy Cole says the borough is looking to elevate about 10 homes and will tear down several others. The land will be turned into green space. She says this is a last resort to help many struggling homeowners.

“It’s just so much on them, so many stressors, and it’s a stress on the community,” she says. “It’s better for everyone all the way around if we can handle this.”

Many in the borough say the flooding problem became worse after Hurricane Floyd in 1999. Over a decade later, when Hurricane Irene brought 4 feet of water to parts of the town, many homes never returned.

The cost to elevate each home will be $175,000 and will be mainly funded through FEMA. The work is expected to begin in the next few months.