NEWARK - A new company is coming to Newark that hopes to revolutionize the way people rent vehicles.

The company, FlightCar, will operate right outside Newark Liberty International Airport. The way it works is travelers leave their cars with FlightCar, who will then rent the vehicle out to other people while the owner is away. The owner will also get a portion of the fee for renting the car.

The location in Newark will be the first in New Jersey, and the only location in the tri-state area. FlightCar says it will insure the cars, check driver and car records and even replace the car if it is destroyed. The cars will even be washed and cleaned if they are rented out.

"I think people who rent cars from FlightCar often take better care of it...You're getting a savings on your vehicle because someone else is putting their vehicle into the steam of commerce," says Ryan Adlesh, head of expansion for the company.

However, some are wondering what type of liability an idea like this could bring.

"This new way of using a car provides new questions," says Patrick Breslin of New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance. "The insurance policies that are enforced at our company and at other companies and New Jersey...¦were not written with this kind of usage in mind."

FlightCar will not accept any vehicles made before 2002 or any vehicle with over 150,000 miles on it.

The location will open in Newark on Friday. It was approved by the Port Authority for operation.