CHESTER - Fierce flames consumed a Morris County house Tuesday morning.

Fire officials say the fire at a home on Route 24 started at around 10 a.m. in a fireplace and spread to the second floor and an addition on the front of the house.

Neighbors Kevin Craig and Mike Cipriano say it was tough to watch. "It was terrible. I've seen fires before but this one went so quick," Cipriano says.

Deputy Chief Toby Drysdale says the roof collapsed under the intense heat. "The whole fireplace has been compromised," he says. "We have [a] roof collapse in the back."

Rain fell on the home Tuesday night, meaning much of the house would be exposed to the elements because of the damage.

At least one person and two dogs were in the house when the fire started, but officials say everyone got out safely.

The family declined to comment, but their neighbors were thankful they were not hurt.