LONG BEACH ISLAND - Police and firefighters say they are insulted that an event planned for Tuesday will be held at Bayview Park on Long Beach Island. 

Gov. Chris Christie will launch his pension reform tour at the site and first responders say they object to the location of the event.

Bayview Park isn't just a playground, it's also a memorial built by firefighters and police officers to honor Connecticut school teacher Lauren Rousseau, one of 26 educators and students who died in the Sandy Hook School massacre in 2012. 

Many aren't happy the park is Christie's choice of venue to promote his "No Pain, No Gain" pension reform message tomorrow. 

Kevin Lyons, of the NJPBA, says his organization asked that the event be moved to another location. "If he's gonna deliver his message, he has every right to do so," he says. "Just not here." 

Eddie Donnelly, the head of the New Jersey State Firefighters Benevolent Association called the governor's decision "unforgivable" and "unconscionable." 

Organizers say hundreds of first responders and teachers will be at the event to protest in silence, because they consider the playground to be a memorial.

The park is part of the Sandy Ground Project, an effort launched by the firefighters' union to build a playground for each of the 26 victims of the Newtown massacre.