WEEHAWKEN - A first responder who was assisting with the search for a body in the Hudson River saved the life of a woman after she jumped off the George Washington Bridge.

Scott Koen was in his boat on Tuesday assisting with the search for the remains of a man who jumped from the bridge a few days earlier. While the search was going on, Koen says that he saw the 25-year-old Bridgewater woman jump and he could see that she was alive.

Koen says that he quickly moved his boat into position to help the woman.

"I climbed down the ladder because I'm going to help her get up the ladder. I say ‘You have to climb.’ She says ‘I can't my legs are broken.’"

Koen then decided to jump into the river and, along with the help from a rescue diver, pushed the woman aboard his boat. The rescue was caught on camera.

This is not the first time Koen has helped rescue someone from the Hudson River. In the past 20 years, he has helped save 11 people. Koen also assisted during the “Miracle on the Hudson” incident.

Koen says that saving lives is his calling, especially when suicide attempts are involved. Three members of his immediate family took their own lives.

“It’s difficult,” he says. “I’ve had a lot of suicide in my life.”

The woman who was saved is hospitalized in New York. Koen says he would very much like to meet and speak with her.

Koen is a port captain in Brooklyn, as well as a Rutherford firefighter.