WEST MILFORD - Firefighters crawling out onto ice were able to rescue a frightened 6-month-old German shepherd that plunged through an ice-covered lake in West Milford.

West Milford Fire Chief Chris Page said Friday that the dog somehow got out of his owner’s home without her knowledge, wandered out onto the ice and fell into the water.

A neighbor saw the puppy out on the ice and called 911. The West Milford volunteer fire company responded by sending firefighters secured by ropes crawling 75 feet out onto the snow-covered ice.

The pup apparently bit at the rescuers’ hands and resisted their calls until it finally walked onto a sled the firefighters put out into the water. 

Video of the rescue shows that after it was saved, the dog walked around the frozen lake for a little bit before finally heading home to its owner.

Officials say the puppy was scared, but is expected to be OK. It was reunited with its owner.