LEONIA - Firefighters in Leonia dealt with a type of fire they have never had to face before.

The department was called to Overpeck County Park Thursday afternoon for reports of a dinosaur fire. It turns out one of the animatronic dinosaurs at the Field Station Dinosaur park caught fire during routine maintenance.

"When the dinosaurs are all closed up, we fireproof them,” says Field Station Dinosaur President Guy Gsell. “This guy was opened because we were doing some last-minute [welding] and a spark got away from us."

The fire destroyed the Argentinosaurus model, which was touted as the largest animatronic dinosaur in the world. All the other dinosaurs were OK and no people were hurt.

Field Station Dinosaurs was previously located in Secaucus and only recently moved to Overpeck County Park. It will reopen Memorial Day weekend.