HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP - Firefighters in Mercer County rescued two golden retrievers from the freezing Curliss Lake in Hopewell Township Wednesday, after the dogs had wandered away from home.

Firefighters from the Union Company Fire & Rescue Squad say they reached the dogs just in the nick of time. Police say they got a call at around 2:40 p.m. from the owners, saying their two dogs, Trixie and Ruby, had wandered off near Curlis Lake.

About five minutes later, someone spotted the dogs in the lake and called police. Rescuers say Trixie had fallen into the water, and Ruby was stranded on the frozen ice.

It took firefighters about 20 minutes, but they managed to pull the dogs to safer grounds. A cellphone video shows the lengths volunteer firefighters went to this afternoon to save Trixie.

The dogs were taken to a local veterinarian to get checked out. Trixie, 2, has abrasions on her belly from the ice, but is safe.

The dogs' owner, Diana Kollevolle, of Pennington, says, "We are so grateful. They saved Christmas for us."