PLAINFIELD - A fire broke out at a recycling center in Plainfield Friday morning.

The blaze started just after 9 a.m. at Plainfield Metal Recycling on South Second Street.

"I saw something on fire so then when I went to grab my clothes and stuff I heard a big boom like an explosion," says Crystal McMillian, of Plainfield. 

Fire crews say metal recycling debris that was stacked three stories high caught fire.

Michael McCue, deputy chief of the Plainfield Fire Department, says there are all types of metals in the facility, including metals from cars, stoves, housing appliances and businesses.  

The facility recycles cars, car parts and engines. Officials say that has caused concern about chemicals burning and getting into water runoff.

News 12 is told that air testing has been done and results came back negative for chemicals.

Sewer water samples are also being tested.

Officials are investigating the cause of the fire, but say all six employees who were at the facility when the fire broke out are all accounted for.