KEARNY - Some female corrections officers in Hudson County tell Kane in Your Corner that they and their unborn children are being put at risk unintentionally.

One corrections officer tells News 12 New Jersey that what has been happening at the jail is unfair and dangerous.

According to a grievance filed by the Policemen's Benevolent Association (PBA), one "very pregnant" officer was called in to break up a fight between two inmates. The officer was kicked in the stomach and wound up miscarrying.

Hudson County officials declined to be interviewed on camera. In a written statement, a spokesman says all officers are expected to be able to do their jobs.

Those who represent corrections officers disagree. In the PBA's grievance, it outlines more than 30 positions it says are less dangerous, which pregnant women could easily be temporarily assigned.

The PBA also says the jail makes accommodations for male officers who are hurt, including giving them light duty assignments. The union says not doing the same for pregnant women amounts to discrimination.