SEASIDE PARK - Thousands of New Jersey residents displaced by Hurricane Sandy are worried they may not have a place to live by the weekend.

The FEMA program that has provided hotels and motels for displaced residents is set to expire Friday. By Saturday, these families are worried they'll have to checkout.

Debra Weigman, her husband, and two adult daughters have been staying at the Charlroy Motel in Seaside Park. Their rental in Seaside Heights is still undergoing construction after being flooded with 3 feet of water from Sandy. 

The Weigmans, like many displaced families, have been moved around several times. Like many, they hope there will be another extension to the FEMA program so that they can keep their rooms. 

A FEMA spokesperson says that to date, New Jersey has not asked for an extension to this program. 

Right now, there are more than 1,300 people displaced by Sandy in New Jersey who are still being housed by FEMA.