SOMERVILLE - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conducted inspections today in Somerset County.

Many companies hit hard by Hurricane Irene say they hope the government will help fund cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

Norman Pollack, of Choice Cabinetry in Somerville, says Hurricane Irene caused more than $4 million in damage to his business. Pollcack says he may be forced to shut down if he doesn't get enough federal aid to deal with the damage left behind by Irene. The shutdown would also leave 70 people jobless.

An adjustor, Paul Scull, stopped by the business today, but said he can't make any promises on aid. He explained to News 12 New Jersey, "I don't make any of the final decisions. I'm the adjustor. I gather [and] secure documentation and take photographic evidence of the damage."FEMA opens hotline, website for NJ Cabinet company says it needs FEMA's help