ASBURY PARK - A FedEx delivery man from Monmouth County is being called a hero, after saving the life of a woman he saw lying on the side of a road.

Robert Yaroli, 45, of Middletown, was on his route Wednesday morning when he spotted a woman lying on Grand Street next to her SUV in the rain.

He decided to pull over, "cause nobody was helping her," he says. "Everyone was just driving by, and I just felt sad that nobody was helping her out."

Kim Franzo, the nurse at nearby Hope Academy Charter School, also approached the woman. "I wouldn't have seen her.  I couldn't see past the back of the car," Franzo says. "If he hadn't stopped, God only knows what could have happened to her out here."

Yaroli ran to get the school's defibrillator while Franzo started CPR until EMTs arrived.

Later that day, the woman called the school from the hospital, asking if they knew how she could contact the FedEx worker who helped her. The school suggested she call FedEx.

"My manager said somebody called, her or one of her relatives, said she made it and she was OK, but she was in the hospital," Yaroli says.

The 18-year FedEx veteran went back to work after the incident, and all of his packages were still delivered on time that day.