NEW BRUNSWICK - Some condo owners in New Brunswick say their units are falling apart and they cannot get anyone to make repairs, so they called Kane In Your Corner.

Siding on units at the Case DiLusso condos is literally peeling off. Residents say they're afraid to walk up their porch steps and many of their roofs leak.

A spokesperson for the condo's management company, Preferred Properties, says it can't go ahead with major repairs without approval from the condo board. He says "the main barrier to moving forward has been the lack of funds."

Kane In Your Corner was unable to speak with the condo board president because the position is vacant. The old president resigned and the acting president says he has only been on the board for a matter of weeks.

Memos obtained by Kane In Your Corner show the board has been promising that siding repairs would be done for nearly 10 years. The board twice raised monthly maintenance fees to pay for siding, first in 2002 and again in 2010. A few units were done shortly after the first increase. Nothing has happened since 2010, even though the board said at that time that repairs might be completed on all units in as little as five years.