CLIFFWOOD BEACH - A father is being charged with the death of his daughter after authorities found the 4-year-old with severe injuries while in his care.

Sheriff's detectives say they responded to the Qualla Motel in Whittier North Carolina late last week where they found 4-year-old Erica Davis.

Erica Davis was rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead.

Hotel officials say Davis had been living there for several weeks.

Mother of the child Billie Jo Brown says Davis took her daughter and their other child two years ago.

Brown showed News 12 documents from a New Jersey court that said the children were removed from her and Davis' home due to concern for their wellbeing. Brown then said they had regained custody of the children by 2011.

Brown also had documentation claiming that Davis has schizophrenia.

Brown said she had been looking for her children for the past two years, and was heartbroken to discover what had happened to her daughter. She is currently en route to North Carolina to try and get custody of her other child.

Davis is being held on $1 million bond and more charges could be added pending the outcome of the autopsy.