EDISON - The father accused of abducting his sons has waived extradition from Florida after they were found in a hotel earlier this week.

Parker and Jaxson Dohm, ages 8 and 7, were found with their father, Kristopher Dohm, at the Royal Palm Hotel in Port Richie, Florida on Wednesday. The boys were allegedly taken by Dohm this past February after he failed to return them to their mother in Landing.

Police say Dohm was with his friend Edward Torres at the time of arrest. Torres, of Tennessee, is wanted on numerous charges that include rape and sexual exploitation of a minor.

The mother of the boys, Sandy Dohm, posted pictures of their reunion in Florida online. They will be back home in Landing this weekend.

Kristopher Dohm is expected to be in a Sussex County courtroom by the end of the month.