WEST NEW YORK - The public is angry over bus drivers’ use of cellphones after an 8-month-old girl was killed by a driver believed to be on the phone when the accident occurred.

Passengers told News 12 New Jersey that cellphone use by drivers is not unusual. Mark Rumbalski says drivers of independent buses, like the one involved in Tuesday's crash that killed Angelie Paredes, are bad drivers.

Lori Saurborn agrees. "I've ridden on them. I know how they drive, I know what they do. I'm not terribly surprised that something like this happened," Saurborn says.

"You're on the road, you're supposed to be responsible for your own life and others," says Micheal Moreira. "You can't be just playing around texting or on the phone."

Idowu Daramola, 48, is charged with death by auto and using a cellphone while driving.