WOODBRIDGE - Authorities have shut down a pet store in Woodbridge and the owner is now facing charges of animal cruelty.

Fancy Pups on St. Georges Avenue in the Avenel section of Woodbridge was shut down due to unsanitary conditions.

“I’ve inspected animal pet shops for 30 years. This is probably the worst,” said Dennis Green, of the Woodbridge Health Department. “The animals we have right here have [a variety of health problems].”

Six of the dogs were placed in quarantine to be treated. According to officials, the dogs were in direct contact with excrement and were not provided water. The owner also allegedly kept improper examination records of the dogs.

Fancy Pups owner Rocco Garruto was arrested Sunday. Animal Control officers said that Garruto was allegedly selling three dogs from his car dealership even though the pet shop was shut down.

Garruto told News 12 New Jersey that “the dogs seemed fit.” He said that some of the dogs did test positive for parasites and were treated.

Garruto said that he’s been training dogs for 40 years and had Fancy Pup for 12 years.

He said he won’t be reopening because he no longer wants the hassle of running the shop.

"We complied with everything. Let's be honest, they just don't like puppy stores. They don't want puppy stores to be around, and I'm tired of fighting with them,” Garruto said.

The shop owner is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday. If found guilty, he could face jail time.