WAYNE - Fed up homeowners are taking on speeders after a driver ran down a "children at play" sign on their street.

The sign, which was shaped like a child, could have been the real thing, says Laurel Drive resident Craig Rovere.

He put up a sign that reads, "If you hit one of these kids because you are speeding, you will not need a lawyer." Below that is a picture of a gun.

The family says people often speed down their street, thinking it's an outlet in or out of the community, when their street is really just a big circle.

Rovere admits while most of his neighbors support the sign, some have a problem with his implied threat. He says it's an empty one and that he's not planning on shooting anyone. He was aiming for shock value. "Guns exist, guns kill people - but cars kill people too," he says.

They say the sign is just a way to slow people down, and says nothing against the town or police.  

Rovere says the new sign appeared to be working in recent days, and he has taken it down. He says he's prepared to put it back up if necessary.