WESTFIELD - A family is suing the former owners of their home after receiving several frightening anonymous letters.

The family bought a $1.3 million home on the Boulevard in Westfield from John and Andrea Woods. Almost immediately after the closing, they started receiving creepy, threatening letters from someone calling themselves "The Watcher."

Five letters have been received in all. Some make references to the family's children, saying "Once I know their names, I will call to them and draw them to me."

Another letter stated, "I asked the Woods to bring me young blood."

The letters got so out of hand that the family never even moved into the home and are now suing the former owners, the Woods, to get their money back.

The suit claims the Woods received a letter from "The Watcher" before the closing, yet "knowingly and willfully failed to disclose to the plaintiffs this disturbing letter."

The lawsuit also claims that the family has been consumed by stress, anxiety and fear since receiving the letters.

The identify of "The Watcher" remains unknown. News 12 New Jersey has reached out to the Westfield police to find out if they are investigating the source of the letters.

Calls to the Woods' family attorney were not returned.