LODI - The man accused of murdering his wife in Lodi and abducting their two children remains in South Carolina.

The Bergen County Prosecutor's Office believes John Jordan stabbed Tracey Jordan, 39, in her apartment on Friday and then took their two children from school and fled south.

Police have not said when Jordan will be extradited back to New Jersey to face murder and weapon possession charges.

As the family grieves for their beloved sister and daughter, they say they are praying her two boys can come home to be at their mother's funeral.

A small memorial sits outside the apartment where just three days ago police crime scene tape blocked off the home of the small family. 

Tracey's uncle, Robert Kugler is the Saddle Brook chief of police as well as a funeral parlor owner, but this time, tragedy hit too close to home.

"Our main concern is for their welfare at this time, we hope that God continues to give us the strength and support we need to get through this," he says.

Jordan's family came back to the home Monday to pick up some pictures and clothes for her funeral.

"Situations like this are often times handled by police agencies and when it becomes one of your own, it's unimaginable type of circumstance and its something we will deal with by staying together and focus as a family," Kugler says.

Tracey Jordan's mother, Gloria Laurentino, says she picked up 7-year-old Anthony and 8-year-old Nicholas from school daily. "I was their second mother," she said in a written statement. "My daughter was taken from me. I want them back so I can be with them and be reminded of my Tracey."

The family says they are confident the boys will be back in New Jersey soon.

Jordan's funeral will be held on Thursday in Saddle Brook. Instead of flowers, the family is asking for donations to help the two boys and pay for funeral costs.