NEW BRUNSWICK - Family members of a mother accused of murdering her 5-year-old son 25 years ago took the stand Tuesday to testify on her behalf.

Michelle Lodzinski’s two teenage sons, her father and her sister told a Middlesex County jury about her demeanor and her actions after her son Timothy Wiltsey went missing and ultimately ended up dead.

Brothers Daniel, 18, and Benjamin Lodzinski, 14, both testified that their mother kept a framed picture of Wiltsey on her nightstand at their Florida home. They also said that a photo album containing pictures of Wiltsey and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figurine were also in the home.

When asked if the subject matter of Wiltsey and what happened to him were off limits within the family, Daniel Lodzinski answered that they were not.

Linda Hisey, Michelle’s sister, told jurors that her sister did not do drugs, never drank alcohol in front of Timmy, and worked hard to support the son she loved.

Edward Lodzinski, Michelle’s father, testified that his daughter was very emotional after Wiltsey’s disappearance.

“She was scared and she was upset,” he testified. “She don't show emotions, that's one thing about her, but she was really scared."

Edward Lodzinski’s testimony contradicts earlier testimony from the lead investigator in this case who said Lodzinski appeared calm after her boy went missing. That investigator testified that it was uncharacteristic of a mom whose son was missing.

Under cross-examination, Edward Lodzinski admitted that he and his wife were worried about their daughter's ever-changing stories about Timmy's disappearance, even going to police to share their concerns. 

Michelle Lodzinski first reported that Wiltsey went missing from a carnival in Sayreville in 1990. Police say that her story changed and she told them that he was abducted instead. The skeletal remains of the boy’s body were found in a swampy area in Edison a year later. Lodzinski was charged in connection with the death in 2014.

The trial is expected to resume Wednesday