BERGEN COUNTY - As police search for a killer, the family of a livery driver shot while travelling on Route 80 early Thursday morning is searching for answers.

Jeff Mansilla, 39, a self-employed driver, came to the "Wet" gentlemen's club in Belleville with an acquaintance to pick up a customer. They all left together at around 2:10 a.m. headed for Hackensack.

As they drove on I-80 in Bergen County, someone opened fire on the side of the vehicle, and Mansilla was struck. He pulled off the roadway and switched positions with the acquaintance, who drove to the hospital. He didn't survive. 

Mansilla's brother did not want to be identified because the killer is still on the loose. "It's probably the worst day of my life," he said.

His family says he started his business not too long ago and was just getting his feet under him. He seemed extremely happy, they say.

Mansilla's father says he was working nights, earning extra money, because he was set to marry his fiancee in August. His family is hoping someone will come forward with information. 

State police are trying to determine whether the group may have been followed from the club.