ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP - A mother bear and her five cubs decided to beat the sweltering heat this past Tuesday by taking a dip in a neighborhood pool.

The Basso Family in Rockaway were shocked to see the family using their backyard pool to take a dip. The bears didn't seem to care and were seen using the waterslide, playing with the backyard swing set and even wrestling with each other.

"I thought they would get a drink and move on, but they stayed." says Tim Basso.

After making sure his kids and pets were inside, the family watched the bear family from the safety of their home.

Basso's 3- and 5-year-old daughters weren't too eager to share their toys with the cubs.

"This situation is anything but normal, this is weird," says Basso.

The family of bears ended up staying in the backyard for nearly an hour before moving on.