PATERSON - The family of a motorcyclist killed in a Paterson crash is demanding answers tonight after witnesses stepped forward saying two emergency workers caused the fatal collision.

On April 17, Pete Waddy was riding his motorcycle along First Street in Paterson when he struck the back of a parked SUV and was killed. Eyewitnesses claim that Waddy was pushed into the SUV by two emergency service workers, Juan Martinez and Jonathan Lopez.

Authorities say the two men, both with Paterson's Office of Emergency Management, were riding in a department Jeep Cherokee when Waddy passed them on his motorcycle. Prosecutors say when the two men rounded the corner, they saw Waddy's motorcycle strike the back of the parked SUV.

Martinez and Lopez have both been arrested and charged with failing to stop at the scene of the accident.

Authorities say they are still in the process of interviewing witnesses, but say they've found no physical evidence to back up the their claims.